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Слитный Купальник С открытой спиной Высокий воротник - розовый L

4.65 83 Отзывы

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    соответствие размеров EU:40.(In cm)

Доступность: Не в запасе

Похудение длинный торс один кусок купальники функций фартук стиль Choker декольте и открытой спиной, проложенный.
Тип купальника: цельный
Пол: Для женщин
Материал: Полиэстер,Спандекс
Стиль лифчик: Пуховик
Тип поддержки: Без косточки
Вырез: Высокий воротник
Тип узора: Одноцветный
Талия: Природа
Эластичность: Эластичная
Вес: 0,2000kg
Комплектация: 1 x Купальник
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Отзывы (83)

  • user_img

    I am giving this 4 stars. The fit issues I have are long torso and hourglass figure specific. The suit is very well made, so I don't feel like I could dock a bunch of points just because it doesn't fit me correctly. My bust size is not in the list, so I'll put it here- 28H American or 28FF UK. This swimsuit was both too large and too small. It was not long enough in the torso, yet it was big everywhere else. My torso (wrap around measurement) is 60", or 28" if you go from the shoulder down the back. Since I had an issue with a size small in another suit, I figured I'd try a medium and hopefully it would fit right. For reference, my bust-waist-hips are: 35-25-35. It was a bit loose in the hips, very loose in the waist, and somewhat loose in the bust. I wouldn't mind wrinkling at the waist, but the issue is that with my long torso, it stretches the suit tight like a drum and makes my waist look much bigger. Tldr; long torso ladies should probably look at the large selection of bikinis and tankinis here instead.

    Фигура :Верный размер

    Высота : 5' 4" Талия : --

    Бедро : -- Бюст :32AA

  • user_img

    this swimsuit is SO CUTE. gorgeous color too! i was worried about it fitting as i am 5"7' and 110 lbs (i have the body type of a string bean) but i ordered a small and hoped for the best. it took a while to arrive but it was definitely worth it. it is high quality material and will last. i only had two problems with this bathing suit: 1) the padding is not sewn into place so you kind of have to readjust them once you have it on and 2) the "high neck" part is SO small. it was nearly impossible to get the clasp to shut, and when i got it, i could barely breathe. however, this was very fixable. i just rearranged the straps (as you can see from my pictures) and it fits perfectly now! overall, took a long time to get here and the neck strap is very tight, but i love this bathing suit and will be wearing it a lot this summer!!!!

    • Слитный Купальник С открытой спиной Высокий воротник Reviews
    • Слитный Купальник С открытой спиной Высокий воротник Reviews
  • user_img

    Lovely swimsuit! The material is very nice and it fits very well!

    • Слитный Купальник С открытой спиной Высокий воротник Reviews
    • Слитный Купальник С открытой спиной Высокий воротник Reviews
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